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Families and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers play an essential role in helping children and teenagers recover from traumatic events. These resources are for parents, adoptive parents, resource/foster parents, grandparents, caregivers, and all others who care for children and teens. The more caregivers learn about how traumatic events affect their children (whether toddler, school-age, teen, youth, or adult), the more they understand the reasons for their children’s behaviors and emotions, and the better prepared they are to help them cope. When children know that caring adults are working to keep them safe and support them in understanding their reactions to trauma, most can recover and go on to live healthy and productive lives.

NCTSN Resource

After the Hurricane: Helping Young Children Heal

Type: Fact Sheet

Provides information on how parents can help their young children cope with the aftermath of a hurricane. This fact sheet includes information on how children react, behaviors parents may see, and ways to help.

NCTSN Resource

Preparación Familiar: Como Tomar Previsiones

Type: Resource Guide

Acompaña al documento Tarjeta de Preparación para la Familia. Ayuda a las familias a desarrollar un plan de emergencias para que puedan estar preparados en caso de un desastre. Esta es la versión en español de Family Preparedness: Thinking Ahead.

NCTSN Resource

Tips for Parents on Media Coverage of the Tornado

Type: Tip Sheet

Gives information to parents and caregivers about media coverage following a tornado. This tip sheet describes what parents can do to help their children, media exposure after disaster events, and talks about what it is like when a family is a part of the story.

NCTSN Resource

Age-Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event

Type: Fact Sheet

Describes how young children, school-age children, and adolescents react to traumatic events and offers suggestions on how parents and caregivers can help and support them.