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NCTSN Resources

The following resources on LGBTQ Youth were developed by the NCTSN.

NCTSN Resource

NCTSN Impact Newsletter: Summer 2018

Type: Newsletter

Includes articles that range from a report on teen suicide screening and intervention to new resources for bringing an LGBTQ lens to trauma-informed care.

NCTSN Resource

LGBTQ Youth: Voices of Trauma, Lives of Promise

Type: Video

Features five LGBTQ youth who discuss their own trauma experiences related to their respective LGBTQ identities, how they strengthened their resilience, and how professionals helped them.

NCTSN Resource

When NO is Not Enough: Information on Teen Sexual Assault

Type: Webinar

Discusses sexual assault that occurs within the context of ongoing relationships and those that occur in a one-time interaction (e.g., at a party, among casual acquaintances, friends who are not in an ongoing intimate/romantic relationship).

NCTSN Resource

Transforming Trauma in LGBTQ Youth

Type: Webinar

Offers concrete strategies and recommendations for providers working with LGBTQ youth who have experienced trauma. This webinar series discusses how to increase access to services, create a safe environment for care, and work with families and schools.

NCTSN Resource

LGBTQ Issues and Child Trauma

Type: Fact Sheet

Offers an introduction to the Safe Places, Safe Spaces video. This fact sheet gives a brief overview for working with LGBTQ youth as well as a synopsis of the video, and suggested resources.