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NCTSN Resources

The following resources on Families and Trauma were developed by the NCTSN.

NCTSN Resource

Engaging a Sexually Traumatized Youth in Therapy

Type: Webinar

Depicts a youth who is referred to therapy after several weeks of unexplained sickness. This webinar shows a youth who was already seeing a therapist to work on recent difficulties in school and conflicts with his parents.

NCTSN Resource

Supervision of Mental Health Services at a CAC

Type: Fact Sheet

Describes the purpose and function of supervision of mental health professionals providing treatment through a CAC. This fact sheet provides information on how a CAC can establish and monitor different types of supervision, as well as the role the CAC Director has in clinical supervison.

NCTSN Resource

Learning Series on Implementation

Type: e-Learning Course

Focuses on three different and critical components of effective implementation. This series provides information on the framework, readiness preparation, and sustainability as it relates to effective implementation.