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Natural disasters include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis, and floods, as well as extreme weather events such as blizzards, droughts, extreme heat, and wind storms. These events can lead to many adversities for children and families, including displacement, loss of home and personal property, changes in schools, economic hardship, loss of community and social supports, and even the injury and death of loved ones.

Earthquake Resources

An earthquake is a shifting of the earth’s plates, which results in a sudden mild-to-strong shaking of the ground. Since earthquakes are unexpected and can be very destructive, being in one can be very terrifying.

Extreme Heat Resources

After a period of extreme heat, most families will recover and be able to return to their normal routines rather quickly. Most children will demonstrate resilience after a heat wave.

Flood Resources

In response to the recent flooding, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network has the following resources to help families and communities. 

Hurricane Resources

Knowing what to do right before and during a hurricane can help families feel more in control and take steps to increase their safety.

Landslide Resources

Landslides often occur with little warning and can completely damage homes and businesses, requiring families to rebuild or relocate.

COVID-19 Resources

To limit the spread of a public health outbreak, individuals will be encouraged to keep their distance from others and avoid interacting if there are any signs of illness.

Tornado Resources

Tornadoes are unusual storms, as their path is often erratic. In the same neighborhood, some houses may be completely damaged while others will not have been impacted.

Tsunami Resources

Tsunamis can occur with very little warning, which can heighten the fear and intensity of experiencing one and can also lead to greater loss of life and injuries. 

Wildfire Resources

Wildfires are fires that spread rapidly and rage out of control in areas of woodland, brushland, grassland, scrubland, peatland, and other wooded areas.

Windstorm Resources

A windstorm is a storm with high winds or violent gusts that are strong enough to cause at least some damage to trees and buildings. Dangerous wind gusts are very difficult to predict and can occur without warning.