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Affiliate Program

The NCTSN Affiliate Program has created opportunities for Network members no longer receiving SAMHSA funds to continue their child trauma work and stay connected with the NCTSN. Since its establishment in 2006, the Affiliate Program has grown considerably to more than 150 members serving children and families who have experienced trauma, training professionals, and educating the public and policy makers alike about trauma and resilience. There are two types of Affiliate membership. Organizational Affiliates are centers or programs that received SAMHSA National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative funding and remained in good standing with SAMHSA throughout their funding period. Individual Affiliates are professionals no longer employed by a current or former NCTSN center who wish to remain active in the NCTSN.

Affiliate members play a role in many Network activities, including the development of products, NCTSN governance, and data and evaluation initiatives. Affiliates also continue to promote trauma-informed care and evidence-based practices throughout child-serving systems at the local, state, and national levels. This program allows NCTSN to maintain important relationships and retain valuable child trauma expertise within the Network. Affiliates participate as members of the NCTSN Steering Committee, and an Affiliate Advisory Group was established in 2009 to provide support and leadership to the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program Mission

To support and sustain the participation of formerly funded organizations and personnel who were actively involved in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, and to facilitate mutual information sharing and support among Affiliate Members themselves.

Affiliate Program Vision

A continuous, collaborative community of all current and former NCTSN grantees with a commitment to raising the standard of care and improving access to services for children, families, and communities that have experienced trauma.

Affiliate Program Goals

  • To maintain Affiliate Members as an active and integrated component of the NCTSN.
  • To recognize and capitalize on the unique and valuable expertise of Affiliate Members, both to assist current grantees with their specific projects and to advance the field of child traumatic stress.
  • To sustain and spread the achievements of the NCTSN in organizations and throughout our communities.
  • To spread awareness of and knowledge about child trauma and the NCTSN beyond our own organizations.
  • To improve the standard of care and increase access to services for children who have experienced trauma, their families, and communities.