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Usage and Glossary

The goal of the NCTSN Measures Review Database is to provide easy access to comprehensive clinical and research information so that a given user can determine whether a measure is appropriate for a specific individual or group, given factors such as the purpose of the assessment, age, cultural and linguistic background, and trauma type. To use the database, enter search terms, or filter by domain assessed or specific population. The review provides information on how to obtain a copy of the measure.

Glossary of Terms

A Glossary of Terms is available that defines the psychometric terms that appear in the reviews.

Citing Reviews

Please cite Measure Reviews from this database in the following way:

Author (Last updated). Review of Measure Name. Editors. National Child Traumatic Stress Network Measure Review Database. Retrieved Date from Direct URL Path to the PDF of the Review.


Stover, C. (2005). Review of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Semi-Structured Interview and Observational Record. C. Ghosh Ippen and M. Kulkarni (Eds.). National Child Traumatic Stress Network Measure Review Database. Retrieved April 23, 2006 from

Project Background

Members of the NCTSN Measures Committee and other collaborators developed the measure review template and identified key domains relevant to the field of child traumatic stress. Measures were selected for inclusion in the database in a variety of ways, including through an initial survey of NCTSN members, literature reviews, and based on interest of particular Network work groups. The NCTSN would like to recognize two individuals who were instrumental in launching this database in 2004: Chandra Ghosh Ippen, Ph.D., and Madhur Kulkarni, M.S.