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All NCTSN Resources

The following resources on child trauma were developed by the NCTSN. To find a specific topic or resource, enter keywords in the search box, or filter by resource type, trauma type, language, or audience.

NCTSN Resource

NCTSN Impact Newsletter: Summer 2021

Type: Newsletter

Is filled with examples of NCTSN commitment. You'll read about Dr. Ellen Gerrity and her 18 years of service as the Network's Senior Policy Advisor, and the efforts of Affiliate member Nancy Fitzgerald to focus on teachers and students.

Partner-In Resource

Trinka ak Sam Jou Tè T'ap Tranble a

Type: Special Resource

Ofri paran yo ak moun k ap bay swen yo yon fason pou yo pale ak pitit yo sou tranblemanntè. Liv sa a pou timoun dekri kèk nan reyaksyon Trinka ak Sam te genyen nan yon tranbleman tè, pale sou fason paran yo ede yo eksprime santiman yo epi santi yo pi an sekirite.

NCTSN Resource

Digital Diaries: Samantha

Type: Webinar

Features Samantha, a high school student, and her trauma therapist, Dr. Ernestine Briggs-King. Samantha is a composite of several young women, not an actual client, and is portrayed by an actress in order to protect privacy.

NCTSN Resource

Psychological First Aid for Unaccompanied Children

Type: Special Resource

Is a evidence-informed modular approach to assist unaccompanied children immediately after arriving in the US. This approach includes a set of tools to assist staff in supporting unaccompanied children through early transitions.