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The following resources on child trauma were developed by the NCTSN. To find a specific topic or resource, enter keywords in the search box, or filter by resource type, trauma type, language, or audience.

NCTSN Resource

PFA-S: When Terrible Things Happen: For Students

Type: Special Resource

Is a handout from Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S) Field Operations Guide. This handout offers information on immediate reactions that may occur, common negative reactions that may continue, reactions to the death of a loved one, ways to cope, and strategies that don't work.

NCTSN Resource

Military and Veteran Families Across Service Systems

Type: Webinar

Examines how military families interact with various service systems, including schools and the court system. This webinar provides information on behavioral health supports available to military families when they are involved with these service systems.

NCTSN Resource

Preparing Our Children for Emergencies

Type: Webinar

Describes how best to prepare our children for emergencies. This webinar discusses how to prepare for events from a community preparedness and resilience standpoint, as well as emergency preparedness within school settings.

NCTSN Resource

Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students after a Tornado

Type: Fact Sheet

Offers teachers guidance on helping students after a tornado. This fact sheet describes common reactions students may have, how teachers and school staff can help, as well as engage in self-care after a tornado.