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The following resources on child trauma were developed by the NCTSN. To find a specific topic or resource, enter keywords in the search box, or filter by resource type, trauma type, language, or audience.

NCTSN Resource

Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students after Mass Violence

Type: Fact Sheet

Offers teachers guidance on helping students after a mass violence event. This fact sheet describes common reactions students may have, how teachers and school staff can help, as well as engage in self-care after a mass violence event.

NCTSN Resource

Impact of Polyvictimization on K-12 Schools

Type: Webinar

Examines the effects of polyvictimization on the K-12 school environment, particularly examining risk for truancy, drop-out, and need for special education services.

NCTSN Resource

Psychological First Aid for Schools

Type: Webinar

Describe the fundamentals of Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S). This webinar offers information on how PFA-S helps to reduce the distress that school communities can experience after a disaster or violent event.

NCTSN Resource

PFA Mobile

Type: Mobile App

Lets responders review PFA guidelines and assess their readiness to deliver PFA in the field.