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The following resources on child trauma were developed by the NCTSN. To find a specific topic or resource, enter keywords in the search box, or filter by resource type, trauma type, language, or audience.

NCTSN Resource

Family Preparedness: Thinking Ahead

Type: Tip Sheet

Accompanies the Family Preparedness Wallet Card. This guide helps families develop a safety plan so that they may be prepared in the event of disasters.

NCTSN Resource

Preparación Familiar: Como Tomar Previsiones

Type: Resource Guide

Acompaña al documento Tarjeta de Preparación para la Familia. Ayuda a las familias a desarrollar un plan de emergencias para que puedan estar preparados en caso de un desastre. Esta es la versión en español de Family Preparedness: Thinking Ahead.

NCTSN Resource

What Is Child Traumatic Stress?

Type: Fact Sheet

Defines child traumatic stress. This fact sheet gives an overview of trauma, describes traumatic stress symptoms, and ways children may be impacted.