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The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has developed a variety of resources for children, youth, and young adults, to explain child trauma and its effects. These tip sheets, guides, and videos are designed with input from youth themselves, to help make sense of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to provide support and encouragement to grow and heal.

NCTSN Resource

College Students Coping After the Hurricane

Type: Tip Sheet

Supports students who are recovering from a hurricane. This fact sheet describes common reactions students may experience, suggests ways to enhance their capacity for coping, and gives a checklist of specific strategies students can use in the aftermath of the disaster.

NCTSN Resource

Sex? Or Sexual Abuse? Respect Yourself—Know the Difference

Type: Fact Sheet

Offers teens information about the differences between sex and sexual abuse. This fact sheet describes when sex is used as a weapon, including the use of physical force, emotional or psychological force, secrecy about sex, and victim blaming.