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NCTSN Resources

The following resources on Community Violence were developed by the NCTSN.

NCTSN Resource

Child Trauma, Race, and Urban Identity

Type: Webinar

Addresses the issues facing poor, urban, African American children who deal with traumatic stress. The webinar discusses how conceptions of race and racism have an impact on these children and their families.

Partner-In Resource

Creando Ambientes de Apoyo Cuando Suceden Hechos Alarmantes

Type: Fact Sheet

Cómo crear ambientes de apoyo cuando ocurren hechos atemorizantes: ofrece orientación para crear ambientes de apoyo para los jóvenes cuando ocurren hechos atemorizantes. Esta hoja informativa incluye información sobre rutinas, ritmos y rituales.

Partner-In Resource

Talking to Teens When Violence Happens

Type: Fact Sheet

Offers guidance on talking with teens when violence happens. This fact sheet includes information on checking in with yourself, clarifying your goal, providing information and options, reflection, asking helpful questions, going slow, labeling emotions, validating, and monitoring media and social media exposure.

Partner-In Resource

Mobilizing Trauma Resources for Children

Type: Special Resource

Details information about interventions for children exposed to violence. This is a chapter in the Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute report Interventions for Children Exposed to Violence.