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All Measure Reviews

This database includes reviews of tools that measure children's experiences of trauma, their reactions to it, and other mental health and trauma-related issues. To locate a measure of interest, enter specific search terms, or use the "domains" and "populations" filters to narrow the search.

TRF - Teacher's Report Form

The 2001 Teacher’s Report Form (TRF) is a teacher-report measure that assesses problem behavior and can identify 8 syndromes. It also assesses academic performance and adaptive functioning.

TABS - Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale

The TABS is the revised version of the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) Belief Scale and was designed for use with individuals who have experienced traumatic events. However, it has also been used by researchers to assess the effects of vicarious traumatization.

TSCC - Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children

The TSCC measures severity of posttraumatic stress and related psychological symptomatology (anxiety, depression, anger, dissociation) in children ages 8-16 years who have experienced traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, major loss, or natural disasters.

TSI - Trauma Symptom Inventory

The TSI was developed to assess acute and chronic traumatic symptomatology in adults 18 years and older. The test consists of 100 items and is divided into 10 clinical scales and 3 validity scales.

WBR - Weekly Behavior Report

The WBR was developed to assess common problem behaviors experienced by sexually abused children. It allows for assessment of the types of behavior problems endorsed and number of discrete episodes.