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Without Children, A Native Nation Has No Future: NCTSN Position Statement

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Acknowledges that the experiences of Indigenous children have resulted in profound loss and complex trauma. Prior to the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978, Indigenous children were systematically removed from the care and custody of their parents, their families, and their communities. These removals destroyed cultural connections and resulted in a catastrophic number of children's lives being lost. In our work in the NCTSN, we have learned that connecting children to their culture is a protective factor that boosts self-confidence and self-worth, offers a sense of identity and belonging, and connects them with their community, all of which lay the foundation for health and wellbeing. As a Network whose mission is to enable children and families to recover from trauma and to build safe and meaningful lives and communities, the NCTSN is dedicated to doing all that we can to support Indigenous Sovereign Nations in the protection of their children and families.

Published in 2023