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After the Harvest: A Story About Saying Goodbye

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Resource Description

Tells the story of several illustrated characters who are coping with having to say goodbye when the family of a school-age boy, Gabriel, announces that they will need to move and relocate yet again in search for seasonal farm-work. The story highlights the unique stressors young children from migrant families face related to their transient lifestyle. Gabriel experiences stomach aches, feels lonely, and experiences fear about having to be uprooted from his home and friends to resettle in a new and unknown place. Through the story, Gabriel and the friends he is leaving behind learn to recognize stress and how to cope with uncomfortable feelings. The story characters also learn to recognize helpful and unhelpful thoughts and to use positive thinking and humor as they adapt to change. Developed for school-age children, the book can be used as a clinical tool or by caregivers to help children who are coping with having to say goodbye in anticipation of a move.    

Published in 2019