PSQ - Parental Support Questionnaire

The 19-item PSQ assesses parents' cognitions and perceptions regarding the degree and kind of support they provide to their child following the discovery of sexual abuse. The measure yields a total score and scores on Support and Blame subscales.

PSI-SF - Parenting Stress Index, Short Form

This measure is a brief version of the Parenting Stress Index (Abidin, 1995), a widely used and well-researched measure of parenting stress (the full PSI is also reviewed in this database). The PSI-SF has 36 items from the original 120-item PSI.

PEDS - Pediatric Emotional Distress Scale

This 21-item parent-report measure was designed to rapidly assess and screen for elevated symptomatology in children following exposure to a stressful and/or traumatic event. It is not intended to be a diagnostic instrument.

PT-SIC - Post Traumatic Symptom Inventory for Children

The PT-SIC is a self-report measure of PTSD symptoms for children aged 4-8. It assesses the DSM-IV criteria for the diagnosis of PTSD. The language is simple, to allow young children to respond to the questions in an interview format.

ProQOL-5 - Professional Quality of Life Scale-5

The Professional Quality of Life Scale is a 30 item self-report measure of the positive and negative effects of working with people who have experienced extremely stressful events. The ProQol contains three subscales measuring Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Compassion Satisfaction.

PTSD-PAC - PTSD in Preschool Aged Children

The PTSD-PAC is an 18-item caregiver report measure of PTSD symptoms in young children aged 2-5. It measures symptoms from the DSM-IV criteria B, C, and D. It also includes items from the DC: 0-3 criteria for PTSD in infants and very young children.

RCIQ - Response to Childhood Incest Questionnaire

The RCIQ was developed to measure PTSD symptomatology and cognitive and affective stress response themes in female adult survivors of childhood incest. The majority of items are worded to refer specifically to the incest or sexual abuse.

SBI - Social Behavior Inventory

The SBI is a 30-item checklist that can be completed by a parent or therapist to assess the interpersonal behavior of children aged 3-17 who have experienced abuse or witnessed domestic violence. The author suggests the measure can also be used prudently with other populations.