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Support for Students Exposed to Trauma: School Support for Childhood Trauma

SSET is an evidence-based intervention focused on managing the distress that results from exposure to trauma. It is designed to be implemented by teachers or school counselors with groups of 8-10 students. It was developed as an adaptation of the Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools program. SSET is designed for children in late elementary school through early high school (ages 10-16) who have experienced events such as witnessing or being a victim of family, school, or community violence, being in a natural or man-made disaster, being in an accident or fire, or being physically abused or injured, and who are experiencing moderate to severe levels of post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Targeted Populations: 
10-16; both males and females; for use in schools for youth experiencing a wide range of traumas
Published in 2017