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Combined Parent Child Cognitive-Behavioral Approach for Children and Families At-Risk for Child Physical Abuse

CPC-CBT is a short-term, strengths-based therapy program for children ages 3-17 and their parents (or caregivers) in families where parents engage in a continuum of coercive parenting strategies. These families can include those who have been substantiated for physical abuse, those who have had multiple unsubstantiated referrals, and those who fear they may lose control with their child. Children may present with PTSD symptoms, depression, externalizing behaviors and a host of difficulties that are targeted within CPC-CBT. Goals of CPC-CBT are to help the child heal from the trauma of the physical abuse, empower and motivate parents to modulate their emotions and use effective noncoercive parenting strategies, and strengthen parent-child relationships while helping families stop the cycle of violence. There are four phases of the intervention.

Targeted Populations: 
4-17; both male and female; for families with a history of physical abuse and inappropriate physical discipline/coercive parenting strategies
Published in 2015