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NCTSN Resources

The following resources on Early Childhood Trauma were developed by the NCTSN.

NCTSN Resource

Impact of Trauma in Very Young Children

Type: Webinar

Defines trauma in the early years and discusses the sources of traumatic events. This webinar describes the impact of trauma on a child's early development and discusses the role caregivers play in a child's response to trauma, as well as treatment goals when treating both child and parent.

NCTSN Resource

Impact of Trauma on Early Brain Development

Type: Webinar

Synthesizes research and clinical knowledge about typical brain development and the high impact that the stress response has on the developing brain. This webinar highlights the clinical application for clinicians and other professionals who work with traumatized children.

Partner-In Resource

Mobilizing Trauma Resources for Children

Type: Special Resource

Details information about interventions for children exposed to violence. This is a chapter in the Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute report Interventions for Children Exposed to Violence.