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The intervention fact sheets linked from this page offer descriptive summaries of some of the interventions developed and/or implemented by members of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. This list does not present a comprehensive catalog of all relevant interventions developed and available for treating child traumatic stress.

For many interventions, the developer of the treatment or service approach has also provided a culture-specific summary, outlining how the intervention has been adapted for and used with various cultural groups. Training Guidelines are also provided for many interventions, specifying training requirements, recommendations, minimum standards, and other considerations for those seeking to learn a new intervention or practice.

Trauma-Focused Coping in Schools

Individual, Group

TFC (also known as Multimodality Trauma Treatment Trauma-Focused Coping) is a skills-oriented, cognitive-behavioral treatment approach for children exposed to single incident trauma and targets PTSD and collateral symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, and external locus of control.