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Young Adult Collective


The NCTSN Young Adult Collective is a national youth advisory board comprised of youth (ages 18-26) across the US that have experienced trauma and are now focused on ways to improve programs and systems that serve children and families that have experienced trauma.


The NCTSN will fully recognize and integrate youth voice into all NCTSN activities since a trauma-informed system creates opportunities for equal partnership and engagement with youth.


The NCTSN Young Adult Collective strives to raise awareness about trauma and its effects on youth. Through strategic partnership between youth and providers, the Young Adult Collective will assist with the inclusion youth voice in product development, projects, and activities. The Collective creates space for youth voices to be heard across all Network activities, cultivates leadership skills among the youth involved, and offers strategic decision making for future youth involvement activities.


  • Raise awareness about trauma and its effects on youth.
  • Help the NCTSN effectively reach youth audiences.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for young people who have experienced trauma.
  • Provide opportunities for youth throughout the Network to participate in activities, projects, and product development.
  • Support participants at the local level in highlighting their NCTSN involvement.
  • Provide consultation to Network members around youth engagement and youth-focused activities.