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Network Members

This listing of NCTSN members includes current grantees as well as NCTSN Affiliates, former grantees who have maintained their ties to the Network.

Goodman, Robin F., PhD, ATR-BC

Individual Affiliate - New York

Robin Goodman is Executive Director of A Caring Hand, the Billy Esposito Foundation in New York, New York, and consultant to St. John’s University. As consultant to the Allegheny General Hospital Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents, she focuses on childhood traumatic grief-related activities and NCTSN projects. Dr. Goodman has also been a consultant for the Department of Defense Educational Opportunities Directorate and for the NCTSN. Previously, as director of bereavement programs at the NYU Child Study Center, an NCTSN grantee, she co-directed a clinical and research program for bereaved 9/11 families.

303 Fifth Ave. Suite 806
New York , NY 10016
(212) 388-1599

Graham, Meghan, LCSW

Individual Affiliate - Virginia

Meghan Graham is currently a school social worker for Fairfax County Public Schools and works in a high needs middle school serving approximately 1150 7th and 8th graders. One of her primary roles is to conduct Socio-Cultural History Assessments in order to gather pertinent family information and a comprehensive trauma history. These assessments are then used to give clinical recommendations to the Local Screening Committee in creating trauma-informed accommodations and IEP's. Previously, Meghan served as the Assistant Director for Project Fleur de-lis, an NCSTN site in New Orleans that serves the greater New Orleans community and their schools through trauma informed EBP's, suicide prevention and education, restorative practices, and supportive programming for the Louisiana National Guard. Her primary role was to support program directors in creating innovative programming to support healing and growth after adversity and to guide schools in creating a trauma informed and restorative school culture that is equipped with the knowledge and skills to best support students in suicidal crisis or following a traumatic event.

Fairfax County Public Schools McLean , VA 22102
(828) 499-1084

Griffin, Gene, JD, PhD

Individual Affiliate

Gene is a retired from Northwestern University, where, at the Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning (CCTASP) had a Category II grant that focused on the CANS assessment tool.  Presently Gene serves as the Director of Research for the ChildTrauma Academy and consults with the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice on their MacArthur, Models for Change curriculum. Gene remains involved with NCTSN activities focused on public sector child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice issues.

Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress

Organizational Affiliate - Washington
Funding Period:

The Harborview Child Traumatic Stress Program is located at the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (HCSATS), a specialty program of the Harborview Medical Center, a University of Washington teaching hospital. The center serves children and adults affected by child maltreatment, rape and other violent crime, and other traumatic events.

Among its accomplishments as part of the NCTSN, the center: 1) increased its capacity to deliver evidence-based interventions at HCSATS; 2) improved mechanisms for identifying and linking affected children served within the medical center to other services; 3) created a collaboration with specialized community providers serving victims in diverse settings to increase identification, access, and availability of culturally specific treatments; and 4) constructed and managed a website for distance learning that also serves as a clinical resource for practitioners across the state.

Seattle , WA

Heartland Alliance International

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Illinois
Funding Period:
2009-2012, 2018-2023

The Kovler Center at Heartland Alliance International is dedicated to implementing and evaluating high quality, trauma-informed and culturally and linguistically responsive treatment practice to immigrant, refugee, and asylee youth and families. The populations of focus are multi-ethnic groups of immigrant and refugee youth and families who have been traumatized by war, displacement, state sponsored torture, family separation, and resettlement. The main goals of this project are to: improve and expand upon trauma informed mental health services to youth whom have been impacted by war, torture, displacement, and/or family separation and to decrease disparities in ethnic minorities access to mental health care both through the center’s direct service work as well as developing collaborative community partnerships with community organizations and schools who serve immigrant and refugee populations. The Kovler Center uses the International Family Adult and Child Enhancement Services (IFACES) model, which is culturally and linguistically responsive approach to working with immigrant populations. Services will include case management, group therapies, and individual treatment. Due to Chicago being one of the main cities where immigrants are relocated, we anticipate serving youth and families from over 30 different countries annually.

Chicago , IL
(224) 479-2711

Hendricks, Alison, LCSW

Individual Affiliate - California

Alison Hendricks is a National Trainer on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit, which she helped to revise. She is a co-chair of the NCTSN Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit Training and Implementation Sub-Committee. She has worked for the Chadwick Center for Children and Families, a Category II site, most recently as Operations Manager of the Chadwick Trauma-Informed Systems Project. Alison now has her own consulting business, focusing on trauma training and consultation for a variety of professionals and systems.

Hendricks Consulting
4032 Valeta Street, Suite 315
San Diego , CA 92110
(619) 549-7958

Hernandez, Michelle A.

Individual Affiliate - Florida

Michelle A. Hernandez was a clinician at Kristi House in Miami, Florida, for ten years before going into private practice. She served as a program coordinator for children with sexual behavior problems and received specialized training in PSB-CBT from Oklahoma University as part of a collaborative program. Michelle was part of an expert panel aimed at implementation of PSB-CBT in community agencies. She is also certified in TF-CBT and provides consultation for agencies seeking to be trauma informed. Her private practice treats a diverse population seeking treatment for trauma resolution. She also works with providers that are experiencing secondary traumatic stress. She continues to be involved with the NCTSN in areas of trauma informed care and complex trauma. 

Psychmiami, LLC
West Miami , FL 33144
(305) 370-5781

Himmeger, Marla, LSW

Individual Affiliate - Ohio

Marla Himmeger initially participated in NCTSN activities through the Cullen Center in Toledo, Ohio. Prior to retirement in 2012, she was involved in organizing Ohio's Childhood Trauma Task Force and continues to participate in several local, state and NCTSN activities.

3873 Carlotta Street
Grove City , OH 43123
(614) 226-4559

Hubbard, Rebecca J., MS, LMFT

Individual Affiliate - Texas

Rebecca J. Hubbard was formerly a clinician at Directions for Mental Health, Healing the Hurt, and at the Center for Child & Family Health. She is now a clinician at the Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center and has a private practice doing trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy. She remains involved with NCTSN activities focused on complex trauma and LGBTQ youth.

Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center
1811 SE Inner Loop
Georgetown , TX 78626
(512) 943-1972

Hunter College Schools of Social Work

Treatment and Services Adaptation Centers - Category II - New York
Funding Period:
2009-2012, 2012-2016, 2016-2021

The National Child Trauma Workforce Institute at Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work focuses on expansion of the trauma-informed workforce. The Institute uses an In Network strategy to disseminate the Core Concepts Curriculum (CCC) for use at CAT II & III sites throughout SAMHSA’s 10 regions. The primary populations served include NCTSN staff trained to facilitate CCC use; and clinical psychology interns, child psychiatry fellows, social workers students, and licensed clinical mental health and marriage and family counseling students, whom trained staff train during their field practicums at their sites using the CCC. Our primary services include: advanced and basic CCC Facilitation “Colleges”, and post-training consultation and implementation support to insure effective use of new CCC skills. Adoption of this network resource increases conceptual trauma knowledge and enhances the clinical reasoning and case formulation skills for existing staff and new staff, and the staff at partner agencies. The CCC has three main elements: a conceptual framework based on “Twelve Core Concepts” for understanding traumatic stress reactions in children and families from the child’s perspective; five in-depth case studies that convey the developmental impact of cumulative trauma exposure in children; and use of Problem Based Learning (PBL) facilitation to engage participants in a highly inter-active learning process. The Institute’s Beyond the Network strategy includes CCC dissemination for Post Masters CEU training; creation of new cases and competency based evaluation tools.

New York , NY