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Network Members

This listing of NCTSN members includes current grantees as well as NCTSN Affiliates, former grantees who have maintained their ties to the Network.

Tefera, Nicole, PsyD

Individual Affiliate - Illinois

Nicole Tefera is an individual affiliate member and currently works at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Advocate Children's Hospital Behavioral Health Services
Oak Lawn , IL
(708) 684-7937

Templet, Laura, MSW, LSW

Individual Affiliate - Colorado

Laura G. Templet, MSW, LSW, currently and for the past 5 years, an employee of Colorado State University Health Network.  Providing mental health services to students seeking support for their emotional well being at Colorado State University.  Part of my work involves working with students who have experienced trauma either recently or in their past. 
Sara McConnell and I, who is also from Fort Collins, serve as part of the Interpreter Project, Children's Hospital, Boston, with NCTSN.

Fort Collins , CO
(970) 294-5663

Tener, Robin

Individual Affiliate - Ohio
Bath , OH
(330) 329-3678

Terry Reilly Health Services

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Idaho
Funding Period:

The Terry Reilly Child Traumatic Stress program operates within the Behavioral Health Division through the Trauma and Resilience Centers. These centers provide community-based outpatient counseling and treatment programs dedicated to addressing sexual abuse, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), while also enhancing individual and family capacity for safety, stability, and healing. Terry Reilly began offering specialized trauma services in 1983 in response to the increasing awareness of the prevalence and severity of sexual abuse in the community. Today, Terry Reilly operates Idaho's largest outpatient counseling program dedicated to treating sexual abuse. Providers are state-licensed mental health professionals with master's degrees and specialized training in trauma and sexual abuse. They offer a variety of evidence-based clinical practices, including play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which has proven to be a powerful tool in recalling and relieving the deep trauma of abuse.

211 16th Ave N
Nampa , ID 83653

Texas Christian University/Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Treatment and Services Adaptation Centers - Category II - Texas
Funding Period:

The Center for the Adaptation and Implementation of Trust-based Relational Intervention (CAIT) is located in the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University. CAIT aims to provide national expertise in the training and implementation of Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and to support the continuum of care in child welfare and juvenile justice systems through specialized adaptations of TBRI. TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed, whole-child approach to meeting the needs of children and youth who have experienced early adversity, toxic stress, and/or relational trauma. The TBRI model was developed at TCU to address the effects of trauma through three sets of practice principles: Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting. CAIT will address current gaps in trauma treatment, service delivery, and workforce development through (1) the development of an integrated trauma treatment model incorporating trauma assessment with current TBRI intervention practices; (2) the specialized adaptation of TBRI training and consultation for delivery in distinct service settings (child welfare & juvenile justice) and to be appropriate for different caregiver roles and diverse family structures (bio parents, resource parents, residential direct care staff); and (3) strategic collaboration to equip the child/youth-serving workforce through the NCTSN and through a wide established network of practitioners in the field.

2901 W. Lowden
Fort Worth , TX 76109

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Organizational Affiliate - Texas
Funding Period:

Health and Human Services Commission (Texas), Texas Children Recovering From Trauma

The Texas Children Recovering From Trauma initiative piloted trauma informed care transformation statewide for children mental health and all behavioral health services to create a trauma informed system of care that fosters resilience and recovery.  This initiative was divided in three phases:
Phase 1- Trauma Focused Services: Implement trauma-focused evidence-based practices in children mental health services statewide including trauma screening & assessments (CANS, UCLA-PTSD RI and TSCYC) and treatment practices including: TF-CBT and PCIT.  The primary pilot site and CTS center Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center implemented phase 1 early and helped lead the implementation statewide of all these practices.  Target population: Children ages 3 to 17 impacted by trauma, including children of military families.
Phase 2 - TIC Readiness Assessment: For this assessments three tools were utilized: TIC Knowledge Workforce Survey, NCBH TIC OSA and the STSI-OA.
Phase 3: TIC Organizational Transformation Pilot at 16 pilot sites including mental health, substance abuse treatment, substance abuse prevention providers and one Tribal Nation.  A learning collaborative on TIC Transformation was held for 16 months.  Initiative the development of a TIC Toolkit for TIC Transformation.
Core Strategies: Create a Category III CTS Center; Provide Training and enhance statewide capacity on Trauma Informed Best Practices; Implement Trauma Screenings Statewide; Train workforce in TIC; Address STS; Partner with Persons with Lived Experience; Create Community partnerships; Impact the Statewide Strategic Plan for BH and hold statewide TIC Summit and leverage NCTSN partnerships, collaborations and resources.

8317 Cross Park Drive, Suite 350 MC2091
Austin , TX 78754

The Baker Center For Children and Families

Treatment and Services Adaptation Centers - Category II - Massachusetts
Funding Period:

Judge Baker Children's Center (Judge Baker; an affiliate of Harvard Medical School) is a non-profit multi-service mental health and special education organization that serves children by promoting their developmental, emotional, and intellectual well-being. With over a century of proven leadership in children's mental health issues, Judge Baker helps children and families chart their own best course to grow and thrive. Judge Baker is nationally recognized as a leader in children's mental health training and education. We work to create lasting improvements in the quality of mental health care and other services for all children and families by disseminating evidence-based practices (such as MATCH, PCIT, and TF-CBT); interventions that have been proven to be effective to treat targeted behavioral health problems in children and families. Our expert training staff work collaboratively with families, service providers, schools, state agencies, academic institutions, and funding organizations to help ensure that all children and families have access to the highest quality evidence-based psychotherapy services. We translate the most cutting-edge research and proven strategies for helping children and families into sustainable practice changes in real world settings. By using thoughtful, evidence-based, and carefully planned implementation strategies, we work to close the gap between research and practice. In addition to providing high quality training to providers around the country, Judge Baker also provides direct outpatient and community-based services in the greater Boston community.

53 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston , MA 02120

The Center for Child Welfare Practice Innovation (CCWPI), New York University Grossman School of Medicine

Organizational Affiliate - New York
Funding Period:
2012-2016, 2018-2023

The Center for Child Welfare Practice Innovation (CCWPI) is an NCTSN center dedicated to advancing trauma-informed practices in the child welfare systems in the USA. CCWPI contributes to these advances by developing, evaluating, and disseminating innovative trauma-informed practices to agencies serving children and families in the child welfare system. Such practices include Trauma Systems Therapy (TST), a treatment model for traumatized children and their families, especially in cases of risk from children’s impulses (e.g., self-destructive behavior, aggression) or when children are at risk for maltreatment from their caregivers. Although TST has been widely disseminated outside the child welfare system, it has often been used as the primary trauma-informed treatment model in child welfare prevention, foster care, and residential programs. The Never Look Away Trauma Training Program (NLA-TTP) is a nine-module training program for professionals in child services systems to derive individualized understandings of children and family needs and provide interventions according to these needs. NLA-TTP is designed to engage clinicians and other providers to consider various decision points in care by illustrating principles of care through an animated video series focused on the care of two children and their families. A version of NLA-TTP is available for foster parents. CCWPI also operates a train-the-trainer program for those interested in becoming trainers in NLA-TTP. The Child Welfare Traumameter is an organizational practice assessment and improvement tool for child welfare agencies to improve the quality of their policies and practices for traumatized children and families in their care. CCWPI is available for training, consultation, and technical assistance to install these and other practice innovations for agencies serving children and families in the child welfare and other child services systems; and has provided such support for many NCTSN centers.

1 Park Avenue
New York , NY 10016

The Center for Family Safety and Healing at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Ohio
Funding Period:
2009-2012, 2021-2026

Dr. Cunningham and staff have significant experience implementing and evaluating child trauma treatment services within the context of a large metropolitan area and surrounding rural counties. Our current work is focused on expanding access to trauma services in our urban area and surrounding rural communities. We will be expanding our implementation of Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI) in our Child Advocacy Center, our pediatric emergency department and related trauma specialty units, and a partnering community organization, as well as expanding our Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) services with a particular focus on serving immigrant families on site at Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services. We are excited to add Perinatal Child Parent Psychotherapy (P-CPP) and will be working with our home visitation services (Nurse Family Partnership and Healthy Families America) to align CPP and P-CPP for women who would benefit from integrated services for intergenerational trauma or intimate partner violence. We are also aiming to improve family engagement and satisfaction by providing integrated, family driven trauma services congruent with cultural and linguistic backgrounds and preferences. To that end we will be adding a care manager team to develop a utilization management system to help identify families who are experiencing barriers to care and to assist families to address social determinants of health. We will also be receiving consultation on reducing health inequities by addressing social and racial barriers to care and developing a Family Advisory Council. We will be developing learning communities for clinicians providing CPP and CFTSI and we are committed to working with our partners to support data collection and evaluation.

655 East Livingston Avenue
Columbus , OH 43215-7508

The Center for Great Expectations

Organizational Affiliate - New Jersey
Funding Period:

The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) began in 1998 in a two-bedroom house, with a single bathroom, donated by Immaculate Conception parish in Somerville, New Jersey. For ten years, we remained in this location, meeting the needs of 12 expectant mothers on an annual basis, and growing our understanding of how best to provide dignified and compassionate services to this vulnerable population. During the early years, it quickly became clear that the need for safe housing with supportive services was greater than our space could accommodate and required a more comprehensive treatment approach than we were able to provide in Somerville. Thus, in 2008, we raised $4.2 million and built two residential facilities in Somerset - one for adults and their children needing long-term treatment for substance use and mental health disorders; the other for pregnant and parenting adolescents with co-occurring mental health disorders and their children. As our understanding of how best to meet the needs of the mothers and children that we served continued to evolve, so, too, did our mission and our continuum of care. From 2008 to 2018, CGE experienced exponential growth, including the development of Katy's Place, our on-site Child Development Center; Roots To Recovery, outpatient treatment program, providing behavioral health and substance-use treatment for men and women; Supportive Housing, including 28-units for at-risk families throughout Somerset and Middlesex Counties; and START, providing free telehealth and in-home clinical and doula/case manager services for pregnant and postpartum persons striving to overcome use of alcohol and other substances. CGE now serves over 1000 women, men, and children on an annual basis. Many of these individuals are homeless or economically marginalized, pregnant or parenting, or living with mental health or substance use disorders. In our continued growth and development, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to provide dignified and comprehensive care in an effort to break the generational cycle of abuse, homelessness, and substance use.

19B Dellwood Lane
Somerset , NJ 08873