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Network Members

This listing of NCTSN members includes current grantees as well as NCTSN Affiliates, former grantees who have maintained their ties to the Network.

St. John's University: Child HELP Partnership

Organizational Affiliate - New York
Funding Period:

Child HELP Partnership, develops and operates trauma-specific mental health programs with its innovative, scientifically supported protocols: 1) On the local level, to provide culturally adapted therapy and prevention services free-of-charge to underserved children and families in the surrounding communities. 2) On the national level, to develop and provide trainings, consultation, and oversight on these therapy methods and prevention programs to mental health professionals as well as the general public. These outreach strategies, evaluation tools, therapies, and prevention trainings are improving care across the country.

To ensure remaining on the scientific cutting edge, the programs incorporate evaluation systems for correcting, refining, and enhancing treatment so that the methodology can be continually modified and improved. The goal is to replicate the Child HELP Partnership Center’s well-documented results across the United States and abroad. The Partnership subscribes to the belief that all children deserve safe and happy childhoods, so each and every one can grow up to be a strong and healthy adult.
The name Child HELP Partnership reflects an integrated approach in four areas of focus:

  • Healing children after trauma using evidence-based therapies.
  • Empowering multicultural communities with access to the finest culturally sensitive mental health programs
  • Learning programs—both live and virtual—to educate professionals in the most innovative and effective methodologies
  • Public education for parents and others who interact with children on a regular basis, including educators, coaches, and people within their sphere of influence

Partnerships are formed with children with trauma histories, their families, the community as a whole, colleagues in the mental health field, and caregivers, parents, and others who interact with children regularly. These partnerships unite across cultures with all programs created to be language-accessible and culturally informed.

152-11 Union Turnpike
Flushing , NY 11367

Steinberg, Alan, PhD

Individual Affiliate

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

(310) 235-2633 x224

Stephen Hydon

Stephen Hydon (he/his), EdD, MSW, is a Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. He directs the School Social Work Program, one of the largest in the country, with over 200 students each year earning credentials to practice school social work in public school settings. Recently, Stephen was funded to co-lead a team of experts in the fields of education and secondary trauma to create a one-of-a-kind online learning platform for educators experiencing secondary traumatic stress called STAT: Hydon also serves as a liaison to the TDNC Committee of the NCTSN, as part of his role on the CAT II Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Hope, Wellness and Resiliency in Schools. Lastly, he is President of the American Council for School Social Work, a national association dedicated solely to the profession of school social work.


Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Centerstone

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Tennessee
Funding Period:

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Centerstone offers high quality clinical care. The clinic specializes in targeted, evidenced based care for post 9/11 veterans, active duty military, Reservists, those serving in our National Guard and their family members. Military cultural competence is an essential component of our work. We serve the entire military family, including children and adolescents. We provide trauma treatment for military children and adolescents from birth to seventeen years old. We offer a range of evidenced based treatments including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy and Parent Child Interaction Therapy.

775 Weatherly Drive
Clarksville , TN 37043

Strich, Jennifer

Individual Affiliate - Texas

Strickler, Heidi, PhD, LCSW-S, CEDS-S, CART, CTLS

Individual Affiliate - Missouri

Dr. Heidi Strickler, PhD, LCSW-S, CEDS-S, CART, CTLS works within the product team of United Healthcare's Medicaid line of business. Her areas of expertise are trauma, particularly human trafficking and dissociation, child welfare, and eating disorders. She has presented on topics nationally and internationally, as well as published on topics of human trafficking, trauma, eating disorders, child welfare, behavior management in children and adolescents, substance use in adolescents, and resilience. In addition, she has expertise in direct clinical practice as well as training, supervision, and implementation of multiple evidence-based programs and products, and is level one trained in the neurosequental model of therapeutics (NMT), cognitive processing therapy, and is a trainer of the Child Adolescent Strengths and Needs Assessment. Dr. Strickler serves as a consultant for eating disorders and trauma for a variety of groups in the state of Missouri and piloted a screening process to increase stability for children and youth in foster care.

Kirkwood , MO

Strieder, Fred

Individual Affiliate - Maryland
Baltimore , MD
(443) 465-7253

Stupavsky, Christine, MSE, LPC, MAADCII

Individual Affiliate - Missouri

Christine Stupavsky previously worked with the Chaddock Trauma Initiative in Quincy IL. She has continued to work in community mental health for the past 10 years providing mental health, addiction treatment, and trauma services to rural adult, family, and youth populations. Christine has training in TF-CBT, AF-CBT, SPARCS, and EMDR.

Mark Twain Behavioral Health Hannibal , MO

Susan Burns

Organizational Affiliate
(302) 633-2676


Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - California
Funding Period:

Since 1902, Sycamores has been committed to helping children, families, and adults have a better life. We provide help during some of the most challenging times in their life. With an unconditional, whatever-it-takes approach, we provide care and support to those we serve. We have a long-standing history providing trauma-informed, evidence-based practices and policies in the areas of child trauma, grief and loss, and child welfare. Sycamores was an early adopter of evidence-based practices among provider agencies in the Prevention and Early Intervention transformational initiative implemented across the state of California. We provide services across Los Angeles, spanning the San Fernando, San Gabriel, and Antelope Valleys, as well as in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Serving nearly 16,000 Californians facing serious life challenges each year, we use our expertise, creativity, and dedication to help address each person's individual needs, while also providing tools to help them move forward to a better life.

100 W Walnut St, Ste 375
Pasadena , CA 91124