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Network Members

This listing of NCTSN members includes current grantees as well as NCTSN Affiliates, former grantees who have maintained their ties to the Network.

Baumstein, Jody

Individual Affiliate - Georgia

Jody was formerly the Director of a School-Based Counseling Program in Atlanta, Georgia. In that position, she served on the steering committee for an NCTSN grant and oversaw the implementation of trauma-informed care training and therapeutic services in local schools. She is now working at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, focusing on child wellness and building resiliency through programming with pediatricians, caregivers, youth, and schools. She remains involved with the NCTSN and is particularly interested in trauma-informed care within healthcare organizations and school settings.

3395 Northeast Expy
Atlanta , GA 30341
(518) 669-6609

Baylor University

Treatment and Services Adaptation Centers - Category II - Texas
Funding Period:
Waco , TX

Baystate Medical Center: Partners in Care: Community-Based Implementation of Evidence Based Treatment for Childhood Trauma (Partners in Care)

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Massachusetts
Funding Period:
2009-2012, 2012-2016, 2016-2021

The overarching goal of Baystate Medical Center’s program, Partners in Care: Community-Based Implementation of Evidence-Based Treatment for Childhood Trauma (Partners in Care) is to improve access to and quality of evidence-based trauma-informed care for children and families who experience trauma and loss by addressing health disparities and reducing barriers to treatment throughout Massachusetts. To achieve this goal, Partners in Care does the following: (1) disseminates the In-Home Therapy (IHT) application of Trauma- Focused Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) on a statewide scale, with emphasis on developing capacity for serving Latino and military families; (2) implements a program of training in trauma-informed mental health care for paraprofessionals working in a variety of community-based mental health settings; and (3) strengthens cultural competence of the clinical workforce for trauma-informed treatment within special populations. Partners in Care expands the culturally-sensitive trauma-informed workforce by training graduate students in educational settings throughout New England and Puerto Rico, including training therapists in Puerto Rico in TF-CBT. Partners in Care serves families with children ages 5-18 who have experienced trauma regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Training for paraprofessionals and students includes the NCTSN Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma (CCCT), NCTSN Resources for Military Children and Families, and The Adaptation Guidelines for Serving Latino Children and Families Affected by Trauma. Partners in Care collaborates with the Massachusetts Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative to support the statewide dissemination of trainings.

Springfield , MA

Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore, Inc.

Community Treatment and Services Centers - Category III - Maryland
Funding Period:

Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) is the public behavioral health authority for Baltimore City. BHSB’s NCTSN grant funds You TURNS (Youth Trauma, Unity, Recovery, Navigation, and Safety), a collaborative effort with the Baltimore City Health Department’s Safe Streets program, the Penn North Kids Safe Zone, and Catholic Charities of Baltimore. You TURNS offers a continuum of support to youth ages 14-25 who have been exposed to violence or experience chronic stress or trauma. Peer navigators engage youth through street outreach, facilitate groups using the SELF model (a trauma-informed psychoeducational curriculum), and link youth to support services and resources. Support services provided through You TURNS include acupuncture, trauma-informed mindfulness and yoga, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM) groups. Participation is self-directed. All services are located in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore.

Baltimore , MD

Benamati, Joseph, MSW, EdD

Individual Affiliate - New York

Joseph Benamati is author of START (Systematic Training to Assist in the Recovery from Trauma) and former center director of the Parsons Child and Family Center's NCTSN project in Albany, New York. Dr. Benamati is currently a faculty member at the Sanctuary Leadership Development Institute in Yonkers, New York. He remains involved with the Network through his membership on the NCTSN Steering Committee (2008–2010), and through his trainings and speaking engagements around the United States.

20 Park Avenue
Stillwater , NY 12170
(518) 944-3703

Bennett, Frank, PhD

Individual Affiliate - Colorado

Frank Bennett was director of Children's Services at Aurora Mental Health Center in Aurora, Colorado, for twenty years before retiring in 2006. He served as project director of the NCTSN site at Aurora for four years. Dr. Bennett continues to be active with the Network, working on the Core Curriculum Project and the Resource Parent Curriculum. Dr. Bennett continues to be active with the Network, serving on the Affiliate Advisory Committee, working with the Resource Parent Subcommittee to improve the implementation of the Resource Parent Curriculum, and beginning to work on attachment issues.

1844 South Pontiac Way
Denver , CO 80224
(303) 757-2930

Beth Israel Medical Center, BI-SLR HEARTS Program: Healing Emotions and Achieving Resilience to Traumatic Stress (HEARTS)

Organizational Affiliate - New York
Funding Period:
2009-2012, 2012-2016

CCTR performs a variety of services on behalf of improving the lives of traumatized children and families in New York City. We deliver a tremendous amount of training and consultation on trauma-informed practices to local agencies as varied as mental health clinics, foster and adoptive agencies, residential treatment facilities, alternative to incarceration programs, probation, court houses, and Riker’s Island. We also provide trauma-informed treatment in hospital settings and at partner agencies serving justice-involved youth. We are currently disseminating TARGET from the University of Connecticut and STRONG Families from the University of Illinois Chicago, among other treatment models.

New York , NY

Bethany Christian Services, Project Return Home

Organizational Affiliate - Michigan
Funding Period:

Project Return Home expands the reach and impact of Bethany Christian Services’ existing child trauma center to serve urban Grand Rapids and the metropolitan Kent County area of West Central Michigan. The target population is traumatized children aged 3-18 who have been removed from their homes due to child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment, and who live in foster care or other out-of-home placement. Trauma treatment will also be delivered to their parents, most of whom struggle with their own unresolved sources of childhood trauma. The project will adapt/replicate an empirically based trauma-informed treatment model to help foster children achieve four measurable outcomes: 1) reduce behavioral problems extending from childhood trauma; 2) increase the rate and timeliness of child-family reunification; 3) reduce the number of disrupted foster placements; and 4) reduce the rates of recidivism for repeat out-of-home placement of children.

Bethany partners with the Child and Adolescent Traumatic Stress Center of Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, to replicate the trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) model for foster children, and will draw on the resources of its own Child and Family Traumatic Stress Center, which has successfully implemented two other U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-funded clinical models for treating traumatized adopted youth and youth aging out of the foster care system.

Grand Rapids , MI

Blaustein, Margaret, PhD

Individual Affiliate - Massachusetts

Margaret Blaustein is co-developer of the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) treatment framework (Kinniburgh & Blaustein, 2005), and co-author of the text, Treating Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents: Fostering Resilience through Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competence (Blaustein & Kinniburgh, 2018, 2010). Formerly the Division Director for Trauma Training and Education at The Trauma Center at JRI, Dr. Blaustein is now Director of the Center for Trauma Training in Needham, MA. Dr. Blaustein is a clinical psychologist whose career has focused on the understanding and treatment of complex childhood trauma and its sequelae, and has provided extensive training and consultation to providers within the US and abroad on this topic.  With an emphasis on the importance of understanding the child-, the family-, and the provider-in-context, her work has focused on identification and translation of key principles of intervention across treatment settings, building from the foundational theories of childhood development, attachment, and traumatic stress.  Dr. Blaustein has been involved in various NCTSN-funded projects since the network’s inception.

Center for Traua Training, Inc. Needham , MA 02492

Brown, Laurie, LCSW

Individual Affiliate

Laurie Brown currently serves as the treatment and services director on an ACF collaborative grant between the University of Vermont and the Department of Children and Families. The project is working on improving placement stability for adoptive children after trauma. In addition, Laurie continues to provide attachment, self-regulation, and competency (ARC) consultation services through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts.

(802) 881-2281