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National Child Traumatic Stress Network e-Bulletin October 2011


Ready to Remember: Jeremy's Journey of Hope and Healing is a newly released electronic children's book that tells the story of a young boy whose father has died tragically a year before. Designed for children who suffer from childhood traumatic grief (CTG), Ready to Remember depicts Jeremy's journey—from distress and pain at his loss to the eventual start of healing. Judy Cohen, Danny Miller, and Robin Goodman have written a sensitive and realistic story, while Christopher H. Major's delicate illustrations enrich the readers' understanding. Ready to Remember includes a guide that both describes the signs and symptoms of CTG and tells caregivers how to help children in their lives who may be experiencing atypical grief following the traumatic death of a loved one.

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Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Parents
The Terrorism and Disaster Network Committee has released the third fact sheet in the series on managing stress in difficult economic times. Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Parents helps parents talk with their spouses and children about how challenging financial circumstances can affect their sense of safety, ability to calm, self and community efficacy, connectedness, and hope. In addition, the fact sheet gives practical ways to help families address problems, stay connected, network, and cope better during economic downturns.

New on the NCTSN Learning Center

The Impact of Trauma and the Experience of Young Children in the Child Welfare System
October 6, 2011 (9:00 a.m. PDT)
Presenters: Julie Larrieu, PhD, Tulane University School of Medicine; Mindy Kronenberg, PhD, Private Practice, NCTSN Affiliate
Presenters will discuss the impact of trauma and the experience of young children in the child welfare system and the signs, symptoms, and consequences of trauma in infants, young children, and their caregivers.

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Using and Adapting Trauma Evidence-Based Practices for Family Trauma Context **CANCELLED (will be rescheduled)**
October 12, 2011 (10:00 a.m. PDT)
Presenters: Judith Cohen, MD, Center for Traumatic Stress in Children & Adolescents, Allegheny General Hospital; Patricia Van Horn, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
Presenters will discuss (1) the experience of young children in the child welfare system and the signs, symptoms, and consequences of trauma in infants, young children, and their caregivers; (2) the critical impact of parent/caregiver involvement in two evidence-based practices, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPT); and (3) the ways in which parents participate in each model and the evidence supporting that parent participation and well-being are essential to the child's recovery.

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Informational Conference Call:

Upcoming NCTSN Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Improving Comprehensive Assessments and Case Formulations by Implementing the NCTSN Core Curriculum

Is your organization interested in participating in a FREE Breakthrough Series Collaborative? If so, join the Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC) faculty and staff on Wednesday, October 26th at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT for a 60-minute Informational Conference Call.

Potential applicants will be able to:

  • Join the call by dialing: 888-296-6500, Guest Code: 235501#.
  • Apply by contacting Jessica Burroughs at (919) 613-9856 or by email to ensure that you receive the application (available October 19).
  • Learn about the Breakthrough Series Collaborative methodology, process, and key aspects of the collaborative.
  • Get answers from faculty and staff to your questions about the NCTSN Core Curriculum and the BSC.
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Noteworthy Resources

Network Members Tonya Cross Hansel, Howard Osofsky, Joy Osofsky, Alan Steinberg, and Melissa Brymer are among the authors of Louisiana Spirit Specialized Crisis Counseling: Counselor Perceptions of Training and Services, published in the current edition of Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (Volume 3, Issue 3). The study examines perceptions of training, supervision, consultation, services provided, and role satisfaction among program personnel assisting children, adults, and families affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita through the Louisiana Spirit Specialized Crisis Counseling Services (SCCS) Program. Findings indicate uniformly high satisfaction with the training, supervision, and consultation, which included the skills-based intervention Skills for Psychological Recovery provided by the SCCS Practice Directorate (comprised of staff from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, and the National Center for PTSD).

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 Network Members Chris Layne, Chandra Ghosh Ippen, Ginny Strand, Margi Stuber, Bob Abramovitz, Gil Reyes, Lisa Amaya Jackson, and Leslie Ross are among the authors of a newly released article in the current edition of Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (Volume 3, Issue 3). The Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma: A Tool for Training a Trauma-Informed Workforce describes the pilot of the Core Concepts portion of the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma—as conducted in a large graduate school of social work—the curriculum structure, and ways the curriculum can be used as a foundation for the training and development of a national mental health workforce capable of implementing trauma-informed evidence-based practice.

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 Network Members Lisa Conradi and Charles Wilson, authors of Managing Traumatized Children: A Trauma Systems Perspective, published in Current Opinion in Pediatrics (Volume 22, Issue 5), reviewed the research on trauma-informed child-serving systems and pointed out thatwhile sparsesuch research is critically important because most children who encounter systems, including child welfare and juvenile justice, have experienced at least one traumatic event.

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Issues of Attachment for Young Traumatized Children and Their Caregivers
November 3, 2011 (9:00 a.m. PDT)
Presenters: Anna Smyke, PhD, Tulane University School of Medicine; Donna Potter, LCSW, Center for Child and Family Health
Presenters will address attachment and its implications for young traumatized children in the child welfare system, the nature of typically developing attachment relationships
as well as the impact of trauma and maltreatment on such relationships, ways to encourage the maintenance and development of attachment relationships, and the implications of attachment disorders.

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Delivering Trauma Care to Families—Policy Issues and Implications
November 9, 2011 (10:00 a.m. PST)
Presenters: Ellen Gerrity, PhD, UCLA-Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress; Diane Elmore, PhD, MPH, Congressional Fellowship Program, Government Relations Office
Presenters will discuss important policy issues related to the delivery of trauma-informed evidence-based care to children and families affected by traumatic events, the implications of current and upcoming federal and state policy changes, and the role of scientists, providers, and families in advocacy efforts.

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You are Not Alone: Helping Children with Traumatic Grief
November 15, 2011 (10:00 a.m. PST)
Presenters: Judith Cohen, MD, Center for Traumatic Stress in Children & Adolescents, Allegheny General Hospital; Robin Goodman, PhD, ATR-BC, A Caring Hand, The Billy Esposito Foundation; Lynn Chwatsky, Sesame Workshop; Andrea Lurier, PhD, Highmark Caring Place
Presenters will explain traumatic grief in preschool and school aged children, introduce resources for children and caregivers developed by Sesame Workshop and the NCTSN, and review how clinicians and caregivers can use these resources to help children in their process of grieving. 

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