NCTSN Learning Collaborative Toolkit

NCTSN Learning Collaborative Toolkit and Support Materials

The NCTSN Learning Collaborative Toolkit is a guide to successfully developing and leading a Learning Collaborative that not only provides effective training in NCTSN interventions, but also supports the organizational changes necessary to promote and sustain the delivery of these interventions. The Toolkit, which is divided into 11 Modules, outlines sequentially the steps necessary to plan and conduct a Learning Collaborative.

The recommendations and resources in the LC Toolkit were developed based on multiple Learning Collaborative demonstration projects conducted by the NCCTS and Improvement Advisor training/consultation* the NCCTS staff has received. The NCCTS and the NCTSN continue to evaluate and adapt the Learning Collaborative methodology in order to increase the art and science of improvement strategies for promoting successful implementation, adoption, and spread of evidenced-based practices to benefit traumatized children and their families.

* IHI Breakthrough Series College; Center for Children's Healthcare Improvement, Casey Family Programs; JRA Consulting Ltd

Download Complete Learning Collaborative Toolkit

Select individual modules from the Learning Collaborative Toolkit for download:

Module 1: The Faculty Role in the Learning Collaborative

Module 2: Creating a Learning Collaborative

Module 3: Participating in a Learning Collaborative

Module 4: Measurement for Improvement: Monthly Metrics

Module 5: Evaluation

Module 6: Pre-work Phase

Module 7: Using Technology to Promote Learning Collaborative Activity

Module 8: Learning Session 1

Module 9: Action Periods

Module 10: Learning Session 2

Module 11: Learning Session 3

Reference Materials

Support Materials
This section contains the Support Materials described in the Learning Collaborative Toolkit including templates, handouts, and checklists that can be adjusted to support the reader facilitating a Learning Collaborative.

*Note: All documents are in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Notice that most of the documents have a header that displays the NCTSN Logo and a footer that cites the Learning Collaborative Toolkit. If material from this CD is printed or copied, please retain the header and footer in order to credit the Network and the Learning Collaborative Toolkit.


Module 1- The Faculty Role in a Learning Collaborative 

1.  Faculty Checklist with Timeline for Module 1

2.  Examples of Teaching Strategies

Module 2- Creating a Learning Collaborative 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 2

2.  Basic Learning Collaborative Design

3.  Learning Collaborative Design with Supervisor Session

4.  Mistakes in Collaborative Planning and Operations

5.  NCCTS Intervention Change Package

6.  Sample Goal Statement for Implementing and Mistakes

Module 3- Participating in a Learning Collaborative 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 3

2.  Application Part One

3.  Application Part Two

4.  Informational Call Flier

5.  Generic Instructions for Informational Call

6.  Acceptance Package

7.  Intranet Flyer

8.  Preparing a Storyboard

9.  Organizational Readiness Assessment

Module 4- Measurement for Improvement 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 4

2.  Overview of Metrics- Presentation

3.  Sample Collaborative Goals & Associated Metrics

4.  Sample Metrics

5.  Sample Measure Used for Metrics

Module 5- Evaluation 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 5

2.  Sample Evaluation Cover Letter

3.  Sample Evaluation Forms

4.  Sample Feedback Questionnaires and Focus Group Guide

Module 6- Pre-work Phase 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 6

Module 7- Use of Technology 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 7

2.  Using Technology Support Materials and Samples

Module 8- Learning Session 1 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 8

2.  Materials Checklist

3.  Sample Design for Learning Session 1

4.  Blank Agenda Template

5.  Types of Room Set-ups

6.  Group Resume Icebreaker

7.  Games for Review

8.  Index Card Match

9.  Sample Presentation on Learning Collaborative Methodology with Activity

10.  Puzzle for CD

11.  Listening Teams

12.  Analysis and Feedback Activity

Module 9- Action Periods 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 9

2.  Agendas for Action Period Calls

Module 10- Learning Session 2 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 10

2.  Sample Design for Learning Session 2

3.  Presentation- Change Package

4.  Presentation- Model for Improvement

5.  PDSA Worksheet 1

6.  PDSA Worksheet 2

7.  Card Sort Activity

8.  Blank Template for Card Sort

Module 11- Learning Session 3 

1.  Faculty Checklist for Module 11

2.  Sample Design for Learning Session 3

3.  Mini-session Activity

The Learning Collaborative Toolkit is Copyrighted © 2006 by the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress. All rights reserved. You are welcome to copy or redistribute this material in print or electronically provided the text is not modified, the authors and the National Center are cited in any use, and no fee is charged for copies of the book. Use the following when citing this document: Markiewicz, J., Ebert, L., Ling, D., Amaya-Jackson, L., & Kisiel, C. (2006). Learning Collaborative Toolkit. Los Angeles, CA, and Durham, NC: National Center for Child Traumatic Stress.