The Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice Toolkit

The Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice Toolkit contains multiple resources to assist the child welfare and mental health workforce in creating a more trauma-informed child welfare system offers the following resources:

  • The Trauma System Readiness Tool (TSRT)—A community assessment tool for individuals within the child welfare workforce to determine the trauma-informed nature of their system
  • Desk Guide on Trauma-Informed Mental Health for Child Welfare—A guide to assist child welfare workers and supervisors in the child welfare system in understanding mental health services available for children, so that through their advocacy and support for appropriate services, they can help all children live in safe and stable homes and receive the support they need to thrive
  • Desk Guide on Trauma-Informed Child Welfare for Child Mental Health Practitioners— A guide to assist child mental health professionals in increasing their knowledge of the policies, practices, and culture of the child welfare system, in order to enhance their ability to deliver quality services to children and families
  • Guidelines for Applying a Trauma Lens to a Child Welfare Practice Model—Guidelines that will provide concrete strategies for child welfare agencies as they strive to update their current practice model to one that is more trauma-informed.
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