School Nurse Guidelines


The school nurse is the school-based professional who accesses health and medical services for students. His or her role is to support the long-term recovery of students and staff by providing information and consultation about the effects that psychological trauma and depression may have on health. She or he is a member of the crisis team along with the school counselor, school psychologist, and school social worker, assisting with the identification of students who are at risk for long-term mental health challenges because of the traumatic event. The school nurse helps set the tone for recovery, actively reducing or eliminating stigma for students who seek additional health and mental health services and care through screening, health education, and outreach services.



  •  Oversee the health and well-being of students
  • Assist in identifying children and staff who may need additional mental health services and support, especially students and personnel who present with somatic complaints
  • Provide training, when appropriate, to students and personnel about the interplay of health and mental health factors
  • Monitor the health of high-risk students
  • Coordinate health and mental health referrals from staff