CW360: Secondary Trauma and the Child Welfare Workforce

Erika Tullberg, Claude Chemtob, Alison Hendricks, Joy Osofsky, and James Caringi all had articles published in CW360°: Secondary Trauma and the Child Welfare Workforce. The Spring 2012 edition explores secondary traumatic stress (STS) in the child welfare workforce: how it develops, how to recognize symptoms in yourself and your colleagues, and intervention strategies for individuals and organizations. Although turnover and burnout are well known to the field of child welfare, the concept of secondary traumatic stress is relatively new and can be confused with burnout. STS develops as a result of making empathic connections with traumatized individuals, while burnout is the result of administrative stresses, such as too much paperwork and large caseloads. STS can occur from one traumatic instance (e.g. the death of a child by maltreatment) or the accumulated impact of everyday work with traumatized children, youth, and families.
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