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Laurie Brown currently serves as the treatment and services director on an ACF collaborative grant between the University of Vermont and the Department of Children and Families. The project is working on improving placement stability for adoptive children after trauma. In addition, Laurie continues to provide attachment, self-regulation, and competency (ARC) consultation services through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts.

Courtney Landau Fleisher, PhD


Fletcher Allen Health Care
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Since 2003, Courtney Landau Fleisher has worked with three NCTSN-associated sites. She is well trained in several evidence-based, trauma-focused treatments including TF-CBT, PCIT, TST, and CPP. Dr. Fleisher has focused her work on expanding awareness of medical traumatic stress of mental health and hospital-based professionals through presentations on the Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress Toolkit, a product she assisted in developing during her time at the CPTS. Currently a pediatric psychologist at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont, Dr. Fleisher continues to translate knowledge about medical traumatic stress into practical application in the hospital setting as well as treating children exposed to trauma.

Vermont Department of Mental Health, Vermont Child Trauma Collaborative

Funding Period: 
[2009 - 2012]
The Vermont Department of Mental Health will establish the Vermont Child Trauma Collaborative —(VCTC) twelve sites (eleven community mental health treatment centers and one private group practice) serving Vermont's fourteen counties—which will fully implement and sustain the Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework for complex trauma treatment. The target population is 350 children aged 3-18 who have experienced complex trauma (multiple and/or chronic exposure to developmentally adverse interpersonal victimization) and their families. The VCTC will consult with The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute for the statewide dissemination of ARC, and with the University of Vermont Connecting Cultures Program on adapting the ARC framework to better serve the VCTC's refugee communities. The VCTC has the support of key stakeholders including the state child welfare system, education system, domestic and sexual violence programs, and public/private mental health providers. The objectives are: 1) establishing a VCTC infrastructure at the local and state levels; 2) creating a Trauma-Informed Interagency Referral Network among child- and family-serving programs; 3) utilizing existing ARC Community Treatment and Services Teams to implement standardized trauma assessment and empirically based trauma treatments using the ARC framework; 4) developing in-state trauma consultation and training capacity for implementation and sustainability of ARC; 5) participating in NCTSN to incorporate lessons learned in trauma service implementation; and 6) developing systematic data collection and evaluation to monitor the quality and quantity of services and treatment.
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Burlington, VT
Laurel Omland
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