District of Columbia

Funding Period: 
[2002 - 2005]
The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing is a nonprofit agency that has been providing mental health services to children and families since 1977. The Wendt Center serves people throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area who have experienced the death of a loved one, are living with life-threatening illness, and/or have experienced a traumatic event such as sexual assault, domestic violence, or neighborhood violence. Individual counseling, trauma- and grief-based support groups, a summer grief camp for children, and training for mental health professionals are at the heart of the Wendt Center’s services. In 1999 the Wendt Center created the first program in the United States to provide onsite grief counseling to families who must visit the city morgue to identify a deceased loved one. Through this work the Wendt Center has developed an expertise in serving children from families that have experienced a traumatic loss.
City, State: 
Washington, DC
Michelle Palmer
(202) 204-5019
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