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Delaware Child Traumatic Stress Center

Funding Period: 
[2005 - 2009]

Through the Delaware Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health (DPBHS-recipient of the Child Traumatic Stress Center grant), the state's Children's Department expands statewide capacity to identify and assess child traumatic stress and increases access to effective, community-based, trauma-specific treatment for traumatized children and adolescents served by the public children's behavioral health, child welfare/protection and juvenile justice systems. DPBHS collaborates locally with families, providers, schools, the family court, and others to increase its capability to identify, assess, and effectively treat children with traumatic stress. As an established, statewide provider and community-education program, DPBHS facilitates the transfer of best practice across Delaware, advancing the goal to make evidence-based child trauma treatment available to children with traumatic stress in Delaware and their families.

Through a subsequent SAMHSA Child Mental Health Initiative grant (2009 – 2014), DPBHS continues to support TF-CBT, particularly for use with very young children, and is disseminating Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) statewide, further increasing access to evidence-based treatment. In addition, DPBHS now offers Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT) and CARE (Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement, 6 hr. workshop for non-clinicians).

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