NCTSN Center Products

Developed by the Chadwick Center for Children and Families, Closing the Quality Chasm in Child Abuse Treatment, Volume II: Partnering with Youth and Families in Mental Health Treatment for Child Abuse is a resource for treatment providers and agency administrators who are striving to improve their service delivery system through partnership with families and youth.

This manual provides a framework and a model for intervention by direct care staff working in drop-in centers, emergency and transitional shelters, and group homes so they can better understand and address the needs of homeless youth, who are often survivors of trauma. This product was developed by the agencies of the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership, including the Community Trauma Treatment Center for Runaway and Homeless Youth, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, an NCTSN member.

Research suggests that may families facing homelessness—especially women and their children—have experienced traumatic events. By following the guidelines in this resource, shelter providers can help families in crisis feel safe and connect to services—the first step to long-term stability. This product was developed by the Ambit Network, a university-community partnership that is a member of the Network.

This toolkit for service providers is a teaching tool and guide for understanding how trauma from domestic violence impacts children and how best to serve these children's needs. The guide discusses the behavioral and mental health impact of domestic violence on children and parents; describes ways to teach positive parenting skills; provides assessment tools; lists resources specifically for service providers working with families in North Carolina. The toolkit was developed by the Center for Child and Family Health

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